Does Popeyes’ chicken sandwich live up to the hype? Better than Chick-Fil-A? | Food Review |

It was all good a couple of weeks ago, but that all changed on August 12, 2019. That’s the day Popeyes’ Louisiana Kitchen released their now viral chicken sandwich at restaurants nationwide. Over the past two weeks the internet has been buzzing and debating if Popeyes wears the crown as the true King of the Chicken Sandwich. During its first 11 days, the buzz created an advertising value worth $23.25 million

At the end of the day, this is just a chicken sandwich, but the demand is so high that Popeyes’ employees are falling into grease and people are fighting service workers at the drive-thru window.  Popeyes’ newest concoction is causing an epidemic that might as well be the new Bird Flu. Each and every day we are getting closer to making  The Boondocks a reality.I tried Popeyes’ Spicy and Crispy chicken sandwiches to see if the hype was true and how they measure up to the competition.

Crispy vs. Spicy

Patrons have the choice of Crispy or Spicy when biting into one of Popeyes’ chicken sandwiches. There isn’t much difference between the two sandwiches outside of the sauces they are topped with, as Popeyes’ website describes them as:

Buttermilk battered chicken fillet, crisp barrel-cured pickles, your choice of spicy Cajun spread or mayo, on a buttery toasted brioche bun.
Another thing of note, both sandwiches are packed in an aluminum foil pouch, which keeps them warm and toasty before your first bite.
Popeyes’ chicken sandwiches come in an aluminum package for maximum warmth.

For each first bite, I tried the sandwiches as they came without any type of modifications. Time to take a  look at what Louisiana’s most well-known kitchen has cooked up for us.

A Little Crunch Goes a Long Way

First up is Popeyes’ Crispy chicken sandwich and if you’re a mayonnaise lover then this is the sandwich for you. Personally, this has far too much mayo for me, but this is a hearty chicken sandwich. The chicken breast is so plump that it hangs off the brioche buns. The pickles are bound to fall off just like the mayo that’s dripping off of the sides.


With the first bite, I tried the sandwich as is, and the results are mixed. The best part of the sandwich is the buttermilk breading that Popeyes’ uses. The chicken is as crispy as its namesake and the breading has Popeyes’ trademark flavor, but their chicken fillet tastes better on a sandwich than their regular legs and wings.

20190819_110537.jpgThe pickles do not have a distinct flavor compared to their competitors. They taste like somebody just cut up some cucumbers and put a couple drops of vinegar on them and just called it a day. They taste closer to “barrel-placebo” than “barrel-cured”.

Had to hook it up after the first bite by trying it with Popeyes’ Sweet Heat and Blackened Ranch sauces. This is where things picked up because each added more flavor and paired better with the chicken than Popeyes’ mayonnaise did. Overall, the Crispy chicken sandwich was enjoyable but I don’t think I would eat this one again.

Time to Spice Things Up

Disclaimer: I love spicy food.

Unlike most fast food restaurants, Popeyes’ Spicy chicken sandwich only differs from its Crispy counterpart because of the cajun spread that’s used to make it spicy. Most fast food restaurants use a chicken breast that’s seasoned in various spices to create a spicy flavor. Since Popeyes already uses spices for its chicken if you’re someone (like me) that does not think their chicken has a kick to it, then you better hope that their cajun spread does. This is what it looks like out of the wrapper:


Again the chicken is hearty. The pickles poke out the bun and you can see the glow from the orange cajun spread. You can see the spices used to create the zesty cajun spread and the spread does have a welcoming flavor, but it needs more heat.

Look at the saaawwwwsse

For all the foodies out there, if you have to choose between the two sandwiches then Spicy is the one that tastes unique and not something that you can get from anywhere. Again, the pickles could’ve been better or tasted more pickle-y, but I highly recommend the Spicy chicken sandwich.


Pickles needs some work

I do wish that the breading had more of a spice to it because that’s the biggest thing that is holding this sandwich back. Like the Crispy sandwich above, the Spicy pairs better with other sauces that Popeyes’ offers. If you like heat then ask for a pack of Sweet Heat dipping sauce and you will not be disappointed.

Better Than Chick-Fil-A?

When it comes to this chicken sandwich debate, some say that it’s hard to eat at Chick-Fil-A because of their homophobic ties; while others say Popeyes’ ill-fated ad campaigns have been questionable and obnoxious at times.  The biggest positive from the  nationwide rollout is that social media has given Popeyes free advertising. It’s to the point where people have been saying that Chick-Fil-A is so shook, that they might have to open on Sundays to compete. This was highlighted by the fact that Chick-Fil-A was going through it on Twitter and Popeyes had to check up on them:

Others had their verdict on which chain had the superior chicken sandwich in a well thought out breakdown:Screenshot_20190819-173150_Message+.jpg

Personally, the edge goes to Chick-Fil-A. The Home of the Original Chicken Sandwich has a spicer chicken sandwich, better pickles and a better bun than Popeyes. Popeyes has infiltrated the market with a top 3 chicken sandwich but there is room for growth (add pepper jack cheese to the menu).  Is Popeyes’ new sandwich delicious? Yes, especially their spicy version. The breading at Popeyes is what makes their sandwich for me, and with a few modifications, Louisiana’s Famous Kitchen might be able to become the king.   But at the end of the day, Popeyes created a chicken sandwich that was perfectly made for Sundays.



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Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich is currently available in stores nationwide.

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Burger King’s new Impossible Whopper packs a taste that is not quite beyond the bounds of possibility | Food Review

The Home of the Whopper has finally rolled out its Impossible Whopper nationwide, after getting rave reviews since testing it out at select stores in the midwest. The plant-based burger is a collaboration between the fast food whopper goliath Burger King and the California-based Impossible Foods Inc.

With the tagline “100% Whopper, 0% Beef,” the Impossible Whopper is a plant-based option that says it offers the same flame-grilled taste as its traditional meat-based counterpart. Topped with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, pickles, onions, tomatoes and a patty that is made out of plants, the Impossible Whopper looks like a Whopper in appearance, but how does it compare in taste? Let’s find out!

Have It Your Some Way

Pictured above is how the Impossible Whopper looks, according to Burger King’s press release. As we all know, the food industry doesn’t abide by the old adage of ‘what you see is what you get,’ usually, it’s the complete opposite and the Impossible Whopper is no different.

I ordered this healthier vegetarian burger  version of the Whopper with ketchup, mustard, pickle, onion, cheese and tomato but unfortunately, BK forgot to include the red love-apple, yet the wrapper was marked correctly🤔:

Impossible Whopper wrapper is marked correctly, but it is missing the tomato

Under this green and white St. Patrick’s Earth Day design wrapper, we are treated to the main event:


IMG_-qcusdb.jpgIs it impossible not to make this burger look like it was thrown together? Probably. But you are not here to review the appearance of this burger, you want to know how it taste! Reader, ask and you shall receive.

Burger King’s Burger Jester

First bite into the Impossible Whopper and something has gone awry. The flavorful juiciness of its beef counterpart is not as prominent in the plant-based option.  To put it bluntly, the Impossible Whopper tastes dry. Burger King’s thick buns do not help offset it either.

The Impossible Whopper greatly benefits from the the King’s flame grill broiler. The aroma is still as present as its meat-based counterpart, but that’s not enough to carry the burger or help it live up to its tagline. Technically, the Impossible Whopper is  100% Whopper and 0% Beef but that’s not a good thing, it should be 0% Flavor.

Trying a piece of the patty by itself did not improve the results of this taste test. The Impossible patty tasted like someone combined oatmeal and soy to create this strange texture that puts on a front just to look like a burger. Even tried to spice it up by dipping the rest of my burger in Burger King’s buffalo sauce, which helped tremendously to cover up the flat taste of the patty.

Last Thoughts

With the threat of climate change looming, the plant-based meat industry has risen exponentially in popularity as humans become more mindful of what we are eating.  To say that I am disappointed by the Impossible Whopper is an understatement. I’ve been looking forward to trying an Impossible Burger for a couple of months. Due to lack of availability, I had to turn to other options for a plant-based burger.

My first plant-based burger was a Beyond burger and the difference between that and this is night and day. As someone who is not a vegan, I decided to try a plant-based burger for its novelty, and with the Beyond burger, I enjoyed it so much that I tried to cook one at home.

The above wasn’t a monologue, I said all of that because if I had tried the Impossible Whopper first, then I’m not sure I would ever try another plant-based burger again, or at least for a while. Impossible means that something is beyond the bounds of possibility and that describes the ethos of this burger. When compared to BK’s signature sandwich, the vegan-friendly option tasting remotely similar is an improbable whopper.



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The Impossible Whopper was released at Burger King nationwide for a limited time.

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Wendy’s Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich doesn’t waffle out on a classic pairing |Food Review|

Wendy’s, the fast-food chain whose tweets stay true to its red-headed mascot because they have no-soul, better yet they’re true to their slogan because they’re always fresh and never frozen when it comes to beef, has introduced their newest sandwich just in time for the holiday season. Wendy’s newest sandwich is called the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich and here is a tweet of the sandwich below.

First Look

Based on the tweet above the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich looks flavorful doesn’t it? Starting from the top that croissant bun is flakier than that friend that you can’t ever count on, the trio of Applewood smoked bacon is pokin’ out the circumference of the bun, and the motor oil maple syrup is drippin’ through the Swiss cheese onto the Homestyle chicken breast. I decided to go to my local Wendy’s to try out their newest concoction myself and let’s just say it didn’t look anything like the photo above.


As you can see, the visuals aren’t as appealing as the photoshoot in the tweet above. My croissant buns were not as flaky, and my three strips of Applewood bacon were not as hearty as Dave’s red-headed child made it seem. As a matter of fact, I had to do a double take to see if there was bacon in there because those three little piggies went missing, but after removing the top bun this is what my sandwich looked like.

Was it Sabroso Tho? 🤔

Enough about how the sandwich looks the people want to know how does it taste?

As you can tell by the melted cheese on the wrapper my Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich was made to order. I went through the drive-thru and as soon as the bag was in my car the aroma from the maple syrup glaze stuck like sap to my nasal passage.

Sidenote, the Homestyle chicken breast is my least favorite of the chicken sandwiches that Wendy’s offers. In my opinion, the Spicy and the Grilled options are more flavorful – with that said the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich turns the regular Homestyle Chicken Sandwich on it’s head. The sweetness from the maple syrup glaze pairs well with the savory flavor of the Applewood bacon strips.

I’m not even a huge fan of Swiss cheese but it doesn’t detract from the overall taste of the sandwich. The croissant bun didn’t really have a distinct flavor to distinguish itself from a normal bun. I think if the bun was an actual croissant it would add more to the taste of the sandwich. This sandwich is something the chain should offer year round. The tweet referenced above might’ve had an incorrect visual representation of the Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich, but it is true to its word when it comes to getting all-day breakfast flavor.



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The Bacon Maple Chicken sandwich is currently at select Wendy’s locations for a limited time only.